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We Need Your Letters of Support!
AB190 - A $3 surcharge on all moving traffic violations to fund pioneering spinal cord injury research.

Help Us fund the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act - you can make a difference in the research for cure by writing a letter of support to your local and state representatives.

What is the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act aka "Roman Reed Law"?
The Roman Reed Law was established to fund needed research for a spinal cord injury paralysis cure. The Roman Reed Law puts state funds into a general fund withing the UC system. This general fund grants select scientists the resources necessary for the enablement of groundbreaking research at world class universities throughout the state of California, with the goal of finding a cure.

Why the need for the Roman Reed Law?
Paralysis affects roughly 464,000 Californians, at a cost of about $1.5 billion dollars a year. The suffering endured by paralyzed people and their families cannot be measured.

wise young"It's legislation like the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Research Act that has kept U.S. spinal cord injury research alive in the past decade."
Wise Young
Rutgers University Cell Biology & Neuroscience Director W M Keck Center Collaborative Neuroscience Nelson Labs

What has the Roman Reed Law accomplished?
In the ten years of its existence, “Roman’s Law” has spent $14 million dollars on research to try and cure paralysis—and it brought $60 million dollars in new money for California, with another $7 million pending—both progress and profit.

In addition to 175 published scientific papers, two patents pending, and several major scientific breakthroughs, the Roman Reed Law also brought new money to California.  It's ten-year total funding of $14 million was enhanced by an additional $60 million from out of state donations and matching grants.

Why We Need Your Letters of Support!
We al know how tough the situation is in Sacramento!  Last renewal, the Roman Reed Law passed nearly unanimously. This year, because of the financial thunderstorms, the votes will be very close, and could go either way.

The program is successful scientifically, and fiscally important for our state; we don’t want to lose it.

Senator Alberto Torrico is the author of the bill. He will face the budget battles, but we must not let him fight empty-handed. He needs letters of support from Californians, and also from affected individuals and groups from everywhere—paralysis knows no boundaries.

We ask your help. Here is a sample letter, use all or some of it, if you like, or write your own completely. Please write something, and do it soon, please: the voting begins mid-march. Ground mail letters must go out very soon, today if possible.

Sample Letter
Just copy and paste the sample letter below into Microsoft® Word™, or and other word processing program.
Please print out a hard-copy signed, dated & sent to:

Assembly Member Robert Wieckowski
California State Assembly, State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

*If possible, please send an electronic copy/email to roman@romanreedfoundation.com


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